Commercial & Home Window Tinting in Ipswich and Springfield

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There are many excellent reasons to choose Matt Bull Window Tinting

Decrease Heat

Window films are an effective way to decrease unwanted summer heat entering through your windows. It can reduce heat gain through glass by up to 80% while preserving your clear window views.

Energy Efficient

Window films are long term energy savers that help reduce temperature imbalances, hot or cold spot areas and ultimately improve air conditioner efficiency with reduced running costs.

Improve Comfort

The insulating properties of window films improve room comfort all year round. During the heating season, more heat may escape out of a window than comes in from the sun. Window films help reduce heat loss in winter by reflecting radiant heat back into the room.

Reduce Glare

Sun, water, reflections or surrounding buildings can all contribute to eye straining glare entering through your windows. The window films are available in a variety of shades that can dramatically reduce annoying glare. This creates a more comfortable room environment for working, reading, watching TV and viewing computer screens.

Enhance Appearance

Window films are a modern, fashionable alternative to other window treatments such as blinds, curtains and draperies. Available in a wide range of appealing colours and densities that give a distinctive, clean and uniform look to the outside windows of your home or building.

Daytime Privacy

Strong heat rejecting shades also provide excellent daytime privacy. With a choice of declining levels of visible reflectivity from high sheen finish down to a non-mirrored, natural tinted look.

UV Ray Protection

All films installed by Matt Bull Window Tinting are made with enhanced ultra violet inhibitors that are laboratory measured to block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This hi-tech screen enhances product longevity and additionally reduces skin cancer risks caused from dangerous exposure to UV rays.

Reduce Fading

The major causes of fading are UV rays, visible light and heat. Window films can substantially reduce the effect of all these factors and help protect valuable interior furnishing from premature fading.

Increase Safety

The firm bonding process of Matt Bull Window Tinting makes glass more shatter resistant and reduces the hazards normally associated with glass breakage. Specific protective window films offer increased protection from glass breakage. Utilising thicker, multiple layers of optically clear plyester, matched with an aggressive adhesive system, windows can be upgraded to meet Australian Safety Standards, without the need for expensive glass replacement.


Window films are installed by professional independent dealers. They are ecperienced in performing the application with minimal disruption to your daily lifestyle or work schedule. In most cases, installation will be a fast, simple and mess-free process.

Assured Quality

Window films are made with a durable hardcoat and optically clear adhesives to ensure long term performance, durability with easy cleaning and maintenance. Made from quality raw materials, window films are designed, tested and manufactured specifically for Australia’s harsh climate. All window films are backed by a comprehensive written warranty. All window films are backed by a comprehensive written warranty, ask us for details.

Extensive Range

Window films are available in a variety of styles to meet many different needs, from energy control, heat & glare reduction to privacy or enhanced safety. We can help you choose the right film for you.

Our Range of Window Tinting

Matrix - Nano Carbon Ceramic

Matrix - Nano Carbon Ceramic

Ultragard Matrix features a fused construction of two superior technologies to produce a supremely durable window lm that provides outstanding solar performance and long term protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Whether you live in the outback, near the mountains or along Australia’s beautiful coastline, Matrix nano-carbon ceramic is the ideal choice when you desire the very best technology has to offer.

Twin nano-carbon layers provide increased heat control, daytime privacy and excellent glare reducing properties with low re ectivity, inside and out. While the advanced ceramic internal layer provides an additional boost of heat ltering performance and UV ray protection.

The insulating properties of Matrix minimises room temperature imbalances and improves comfort all year round. It is a long term energy saving investment that improves air conditioner ef ciency leading to reduced running costs and a short payback period.

Matrix is metal-free, Wi-Fi friendly and non-corrosive in coastal or humid environments. It is dye-free, non-fading and provides ultimate solar control performance built to last a lifetime.

NatureVue - High Definition Ceramic

NatureVue - High Definition Ceramic

Empowered by a revolutionary manufacturing process, NatureVue window lm utilizes advanced ceramic coatings to selectively lter solar energy while providing high de nition optics that enhance your natural views.

Ceramic coating technology is well known for its superior performance and durability when exposed to the sun’s extreme energy. It provides excellent heat rejection and UV ray protection, without the harsh mirror-look normally associated with conventional metallised window lms. Additionally, advanced ceramics are signal friendly and will not interfere with your Wi-Fi or mobile phone reception.

A popular choice for home and building owners that desire a subtle window treatment, NatureVue features a soft, neutral tone that does not alter the visual appearance of glass. It also helps preserve room ambience and lters the sun’s annoying glare without sacri cing your natural day light.

NatureVue is available in a range of neutral colour densities that provide varying levels of performance and solution options. It is non-fading, non-corrosive in coastal areas and will provide excellent performance for many years of protection.

Synergy - Dual Reflective

Synergy - Dual Reflective

Synergy is an attractive solution for large expanses of unprotected glass that require extreme solar protection. Designed with a high reflective outer coating for maximum solar heat reduction that is dual purpose matched to a non-re ective, ceramic internal layer. This revolutionary ceramic layer reduces annoying glare, minimises unsightly back re ections and makes Synergy the ideal choice for maintaining your scenic views during the day and at night.

Perfectly suited for Australia’s harsh coastal climate, Synergy’s durable formula is non-corrosive, improves solar performance and provides strong colour stability with extreme fading resistance. Featuring a warm neutral colour tone that preserves and enhances your natural outlook, Synergy also provides daytime privacy without sacrificing room ambience or precious natural daylight.

Available in a wide choice of problem solving density options, the Synergy range provides compatible solutions for dual pane windows and other sensitive glazing systems.