Why Buy Paint Protection?

It is the most expensive and most impressive part of your vehicle. Most importantly, it is the single largest factor while selecting a vehicle. Make, model, motor, even price all take a back seat when it comes to quality and colour of your vehicle’s finish. Nothing compares to the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish. But in reality, it rarely lasts the life of a vehicle. When a vehicle looks older, more scratched and worn than it actually is, both pride and resale value are lost.

Today’s automotive industry has adapted new VOC free (ozone depleting toxic chemicals) eco- friendly water based paint technology. Although great for our environment, these new environmental-friendly paints are much softer and scratch easily. Thus, paint protection is needed now more than ever before.

Probably the most important aspect of owning a vehicle is how does it hold its resale value according to its condition after 4-5 years. We can all agree, a vehicle that looks shiny and free of apparent scratches will hold its resale value greater than the one that’s not! A high quality and durable paint protection will lock in that showroom shine and absorb the damage that would normally be caused directly onto the paint. Thus the paint of the vehicle stays protected, retaining it’s original shine and value longer.


Ceramic Paint Protection

Unmistakable ultra smooth surface you will love to touch & enhances your vehicle resale value.


  • Ultra hard coating
  • Extreme resistance against swirl marks and light scratches
  • Thermal resistance
  • Withstands temp up to -50 to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UV/Weather resistance protects from oxidation and fading
  • High gloss shine
  • Enhances colour depth and shine
  • Water proof finish
  • Extreme beading effect
  • Self cleaning effect
  • Ultra slick surface repels rain, mud and snow
  • Anti calcium effect
  • Resists etching, hard water stains are easily cleaned
  • Anti graffiti effect
  • Impenetrable oil proof surface
  • Chemical-resistance resistant to chemicals from PH2 to PH12, protects against acid rain and bird droppings
  • Easy clean surface, dirt, mud, bug, splatter, tree sap, road grime clean easily
  • Environmental-friendly
  • VOC free & Non-toxic low maintenance
  • No additional polishing or waxing required wash vehicle with 80% less water and chemical free for years

9H LDC Extreme

Extreme Scratch Resistance

9H-LDC Extreme is dual composite ceramic nano glass coating. 9H-LDC is an anti-static, weather resistant, hydrophobic, ultra-hard coat that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else.

It works on a molecular level to transform the surface; once applied it forms a super strong chemical bond, cross-linking during the curing process. Once treated, your vehicle will repel water, contaminants, and it will maintain its highly reflective hard-as-diamond shine.


  • Permanent chemical bond
  • Extreme scratch resistance
  • Self healing properties
  • Thickness of 7 microns
  • Extreme beading / self cleaning effect
  • UV, Chemical & thermal resistance
  • Enhances colour depth & adds highly reflective shine

Wheel Pro Tech

Permanent Wheel Protection

Rim protection forms a permanent chemical bond creating an ultra-hard, hydrophobic surface. It is specially formulated to withstand extreme heat created by braking system of vehicles.

The former property gives its excellent stain and contaminant resistance coating . It’s virtually maintenance free and use of harsh chemicals to clean wheels is not required.


  • Permanent chemical bond
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Protects from brake dust and corrosion
  • Ultra durable lasts up to 5 years
  • Safe for chrome, painted or alloy wheels
  • Repels brake dust, dirt, mud making your rims very easy to keep clean
  • No more scrubbing your rims with chemicals

Fabric Pro Tech

Ultimate Water & Stain Repellant

Protects fabrics from water and oil based stains. It is breathable and extremely durable thanks to unique Ultra Durable Nano Tech Coating. Fabric Pro-Tech makes fabrics waterproof and easy to clean. When applied a cross linking bonding action takes place on an extremely microscopic level that protects the individual fibres.

The formulation bonds directly around the fibres and forms a shield protecting that fabric, which resists stains and repels liquid and dirt from absorbing into the fibres.


  • Repels liquids and keeps fabrics dryer
  • Protects fabrics against stains and dirt build up
  • Extends fabric life
  • Long-lasting washable protection
  • Alcohol based formula for deeper penetration
  • Maintains breathability of fabrics
  • resistant to breakdown from UV fading

Leather Pro Tech

Ultimate Water & Stain Repellant

Environmental elements can be damaging to any vehicles, fading, dash trim, and other interior parts.


  • Repels liquids and keeps leather dry
  • Protects leather against stains and dirt build up
  • Extends leather life by keeping it cleaner for longer
  • Alcohol based formula for deeper penetration and quick drying time
  • Maintains breathability of leather
  • Helps to prevent cracking
  • UV resistant to protect against fading

Dash Pro Tech

Protection of all Vinyl, leather, dash, trim moldings, and more.

Dash pro-tech maintains the appearance of plastic, leather, rubber and vinyl while protecting against harsh UV rays. This is not just a cosmetic dressing. Bonds to surface on a nano scale creating an ultra-durable bond that can last for years.


  • Permanently shines plastic, leather, rubber and vinyl
  • Will not wash off
  • Anti-static and will not attract dust
  • Has a UV resistant protects against future fading
  • Water based, no oily, greasy residue
  • Saves you money on marine care and car care products less time spent car detailing, more time spent enjoying your pride and joy

Vision Tech

Ultimate in Windscreen Protection

Proven technology for your vehicle. Damaged windscreens can compromise the safety of your vehicle in several ways.

Preventing that damage from occurring will improve the safety of you and your passengers along with the likelihood that you will have to endure the cost, time and hassles of replacing or repairing your windscreen.


  • Strengthens glass
  • Windshields are 10X more resistant to damage
  • Reduces chips, cracks and has extreme abrasion resistance
  • Reduces night glare by 35% and improves night vision
  • 10X more water repellent
  • Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice, and snow
  • Save money on wipers, wipers barely needed
  • Commercial-grade
  • Dramatically reduces eye fatigue
  • Save you money and time on car care products


Never wax again! – Extreme Repellance Nano Coat

LDC Light refresh coat, is a revolutionary new product that is designed to add gloss to your vehicle or marine craft. While also making the surface extremely water repellent and lets the surface stay clean for a longer period.


  • User-friendly application
  • Detail Spray
  • 6% Ceramic
  • 6 Month durability
  • Extreme water repellent
  • Easy clean surface
  • Adds shine
  • Enhances colour depth
  • Can be used over other coatings
  • Wipe on / wipe off formula

Always Dry knows the vehicle purchase you are making is an investment, we are here to help protect and prolong the new car feeling.

Our whole product range is applied by top trained industry specific professionals. Whether you are purchasing a complete package to provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle or have a specific package designed to suit your lifestyle, you are safe in knowing the Always Dry product range is backed with warranty.